Pa’lante Municipios

Months have passed since Hurricane María, yet thousands of families remain isolated without electricity or safe water. In Puerto Rico’s vibrant cities, people leave work and return home to persistent darkness. In the beautiful countryside, rivers and springs are contaminated. Houses lack roofs, and people everywhere are living with dangerous mold, surrounded by debris that was never cleared away. Each municipality has a different topography and character, and each faces different circumstances in this ongoing crisis.

What is Pa’lante Municipios (Onward Municipalities)?

When the hurricanes swept through Puerto Rico in September, volunteers around the world worked together to crowd source information. Communications on the island were devastated, so CrowdRescue HQ gathered, vetted, confirmed, and shared information through detailed maps and broadcasts that were used to guide rescue efforts on the ground.

Months later the emergency continues. We hope that individuals and organizations will be inspired to continue to support Puerto Rico’s 78 Municipalities (municipios) in their ongoing work of recovery—rebuilding and moving forward. ¡Pa’lante!

What can you do?

First, be a friend to the people of Puerto Rico. Watch. Pay attention. Make connections with residents of a municipality, and listen to their stories. If you can’t help directly, find someone who can. Get the word out through your own social networks. Be an advocate!

Second, Puerto Rico still needs friends, partners, and sponsors. Below are a few of the organizations who are continuing to support recovery on the ground.  Consider supporting their efforts:

Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico

Mercy Corps

Save the Children

Team Rubicon

Water Mission